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Like many other health foods, soy has found a place in our beauty kits.  Soy is used in skin care products because it contain phytoestrogens,  which are beneficial in the regeneration of a woman's skin.  Phytoestrogens help women keep a youthful appearance as they replicate female hormones.

Silky C Serum with Retinol/Soy/Lutein

Soy is also used in making soap, shampoo, and a variety of other beauty products. Soy lipids are very high in vitamin E, which helps regenerate damaged tissue, and promoted quick regeneration of the skin cells. Soy lecithin is also instrumental in repairing the skin, and keeping it soft and flexible, therefore avoiding the natural process of aging. Soy lipids are also a good antioxidant and aid in eliminating free radicals from the skin.

Soy based beauty products

Archipelago Botanicals Milk Soy Bath Archipelago Botanicals Milk Soy Soap Archipelago Botanicals Milk Soy Creme Aveeno Skin Replenishing Cleansing Lotion with Soy Extract, Fragrance Free
Aveeno Skin Clarifying Cleanser with Soy Extract Cream- Pro-Soy Max 2oz. Cream- Pro-Soy Lite 2oz. Forest Essence Shampoo 18 fl oz No Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
Silky C Serum with Retinol/Soy/Lutein As We Change:: Soy Milk Bath, 13 fl. Oz. (Bath Oils, Salts & Bubbles) As We Change:: Soy Milk Crme, 3.2 oz (Face Lotions & Creams) As We Change:: Soy Milk Soap, 5.2 oz (Bar Soap)
Soy Protein Conditioner 16z


Soy Protein Shampoo 16oz.


Tall Grass Hi-Protein Conditioner 8 fl oz


New York Non-Oily Eye Makeup remover With Soy Proteins


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